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Hi, my name is Mehdi, I'm a passionnate breeder of American Staffordshire Terrier since now almost 7 years. However, my love for this fantastic breed started in 90's.

This love story began the day when, thanks to my brother, I met Shaïna, first ever AST that crossed my way. I was yet a younger at this time, and however, as soon as our eyes met, I knew that Shaïna and I will become inseparable.

Indeed, it has be true, and each day Shaïna proved me that I was not wrong. She was simply exceptional, kind, affectionate, protective, a true emblem of strength and courage, but also, a perfect definition of love, gentleness and faithfulness. You could tell just by looking deep in her eyes.

Shaïna and I grown together, she largely contributes to what I became. We see together the laws changed for dogs like her, the image of these changes in the eyes of people, due to malicious people, who took advantage of these dogs, as kind and devoted to their master for their personal satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the years have passed, and Shaina was not immortal to my dismay. She taught me so much, she was a real member of our family. She was able to convince those around us that the AST breed was not more aggressive than any other. Shaïna no longer by my side, a part of my heart collapsed...

To heal my heart, I enlist in the Air Force, and become a Commando Fusilier with the dog squad. Here at least the man working in duo with his dog (Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Malinois ...), prejudices are non-existent. Paradoxically, I navigate in the heart of an environment of violence, and war dog ... However, the aggressiveness of our dogs is not part of our debates. Whatever the breed, since a man cannot exercise his profession without his canine partner, in order to be effective, to be in perfect harmony, I feel in my place. I love the universe I live in, but yet part of my heart is still quite empty...

The wounds that Shaïna left to me having healed, so I decided to look for my new best friend, and thanks to a breeder, located in La Rochelle, my heart was cared for by the presence of Eywock De La Rue De La Paix, thanks to whom, our breeding was born.

Nowadays, i'm proud and pleased to presents you our kennel, OF ISS ARENA. Managed by Laura and I, holder of the certificate of competence necessary for professional breeding, as well as the canine and feline first aid certificate, we promote the quality of our dogs and our puppies, more than the quantity! This is the philosophy of our breeding.

The mating are carefully studied, and, thanks to the international champion males, tested against the diseases specific to the breed, our breeding choices are based both for their physical and behavioral aptitudes, we strive to ensure our offspring will have all the qualities required to evolve in any environment, whether family, sports, or for the shows exhibitions. Our lines breeding bring the best American Staffordshire Terriers in the world! Real gladiators, monsters of kindness!

Also, we are committed to advising you, as well as following you in all your steps, whether administrative or educational. LIFETIME FOLLOW-UP GUARANTEE !

Do not hesitate to contact us, to come and discover our family of 4 legs, who are happy to present themselves to you in their best light.

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